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Let's Know another action promoted by the MOVA Collective "Spring in the Blue Lake". Intervention in a peripheral region of the city of São Paulo. MOVA promoting the cooperation and integration of the people in the goal to bring new perspective for degraded public spaces trough the belonging feeling of participatory artistic activity!


The Mova collective promoted a action "Volpi Tribute" in the I Cultural Exhibition of the Adrião Bernades School, settled on the Boreré Island, South zone of the São Paulo city. The action was made in partnership whit the "Ecoativa House", October 2016. 

Action made in partnership with Project Laboratory of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo. 
The intervention  in the Office of Solidar and Cultural Economy of the Butantã neighborhood. The indigenous body art was the inspiration for the intervention.

Universo Paralello Festival - Pratigi beach - Bahia Brazil

Video and edition: Mais Um Meio - Luiz Guilherme

Iporanga city south of the São Paulo state .

Foto and art: Rafael Muto


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