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                    Moviment of the Several Ambulants

MOVA is an artist collective founded in Brazil in 2010. Nowadays, it aggregates an international group of architects and urbanists, which promotes collective and participatory artist activities mostly by the promotion of huge collages. As a group of urbanists, the MOVA looks for a creative and alternative way to re-think and revitalize degraded and sub-utilized public spaces into the goal to transform them into a democratic and an attractive local of meeting and coexistence. Thus, the MOVA believes that this transformation is only able by engaging different people in a collaborative and participatory activity, which generates the integration of the participants and the feeling of citizenship.


Therefore, one of the most important issue of MOVA is to offer an unique artistic experience able to activate personal and collective empowerment. Another central objective is to generate means of a personal critic questioning approach of reality by the encouragement of creativity expression and free experimentation. Each participant is a proactive member responsible and author of the further artistic panel. Furthermore, activities in large dimension require a constitution of several groups work promoting cooperation between participants, what strengths the bonds of people of different culture and social status, improving the conditions to change of knowledge, religious tolerance and cultural integration.


The collective MOVA acts, fundamentally, as a moderator being responsible to perform the actions: Designing new interventions projects; Looking for conceptual references; Determining methodologies; Developing and conducting experimental methodologies. For each case, the collective MOVA quests for an educational subject by the understanding of each demand. This subject is used to promote a conceptual debate and reflection about its specific context. Normally, the actions are open for free participation and them promotion is done in social media platforms. For the activity, cutting and gluing coloured papers (wheat paste) are the mediums to create every collective artistic object.


Moreover, the MOVA works as well in partnership with other groups or institutions. In the goal to promote a social input, the collective looks for possibility to act in the peripheral areas, where there is a lack of human and economic resources, infrastructures and socio-cultural services. There are, also, some of MOVA actions made in public schools, what highlights the importance of art and it benefits on basic education.


About sustainability the MOVA believes that it is composed by several aspects: social, personal, economic and environmental. Paper is biodegradable and causes less damage to the environment, compared to others artistic materials (paints and spray cans). Non-toxic glue is mainly used, which can be handled without risks by human health. On one hand, it’s able to create incredible collaborative pieces of art by composing and overlapping colors, on the other hand the process activates social empowerment and brings up feelings of belonging and collaboration. Even whether, it consumes resources, the equation is solved by the positive impacts of social and personal aspect of sustainability.

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