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Ana Beatriz Nestlehner Cardoso de Almeida

MOVA's Founder , Architect and Urban Planner


Ana Beatriz understands art as a process of a need of questioning and expression. For her it is important to question what we saw and hear, being the critical thinking and curiosity  about the events around us, the first step to freedom. In this sense understands the MOVA as a WAY for participants to express themselves, to try different sensations out of their routine and eventually to expand their critical potential through the art.


Archtecture and Urbanism Portifólio:


Flavio Raffaelli

Founder , Designer, Architect and Urbanist.


Flavio Raffaelli graduated in architecture and urbanism from the University of Sao Paulo and has studied the influence of individual's perception in the urban and architectural space. Currently works as a scenographer, and has worked on several concerts in the Ibirapuera auditorium for independent bands, as well as in urban festivals in Brazil and Italy.

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Gabriela Deleu

MOVA's Founder, Artist, Designer, Architect and Urbanist .


Gabriela believes on MOVA as a way of reinventing the city's spaces through the art. She was a member for 5 years of the Maractu's group Coro de Carcaras which promotes cultural and urban interventions (drum player, dancer and organiser). She also participated for two years of the student organisation of the architecture school (GFAU) where she could organise political and cultural activities involving the creative fields of the collective production. She's one of "Estudio Inflpavel" (Inflatable Studio) founders, group that develops temporary inflatable projects, and also collaborates at the NGO "Meninos da Billings" (Billing's Boys) promoting construction workshops of floating structures made with plastic bottles, emphatizing social development and sustaintability.

Today she works on visual arts field, being Malka Boresntein's, brazilian artist, assistante.

Gabriele Toth

Architect and Urbanist, Artisan and Educator


Graduated in 2013 from USP's Architecture and Urbanism College, is an artist and has worked at the historic heritage department of Sao Paulo's City Hall (2013) and as a graphic designer at MIRA films. Since 2010 has been experimenting with and wandering among many fields and techniques in visual arts: from photography to textile.


Has been participating in urban intervention with the MOVA collective for 4 years. In 2012 won the honorable mention award from ROCHE Spacial Intervention, and in 2014, the collective short-film "O Cortejo", in which has participated, was a finalist in USP's "nascente" project. Since 2014 has been looking for alternatives for conventional work and prepares for a more balanced and independent life focused on nature using art and creativity as main tools for the dissemination of knowledge.


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Architecture and Urbanism student at FAUUSP


Andrea had known the MOVA, while she was cutting Mandalas. She thinks that art in the architecture and the action of architects are in the perception of the possibilities in some different scales. She believes that the production of MOVA is in the scale of the instant collaboration, resulting in the meeting of friends and strange peoples, who are available in the intervention place, futhermore its permanence is in the human scale perception at the street viewpoint, from the going and coming, promoting the new human contacts.
She suspects that art lives in the utopia of the action in the human collaborative scale, in front of the heavy need to survive in the metropole of São Paulo.


Andrea Barcelos


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