Homenagem a Athos Bulcão foi a primeira intervenção do MOVA, organizada para reapropriação do Estudio 3 da FAUSP, abandonado pelo processo de reforma da cobertura. Para execução da ação preparamos um grid a longo da parede de 80 m2, trouxemos papeis recortados em quadrados para simular o azuleijos utilizados pelo artista e outros papeis trinagulares. A ação foi divulgada no facebook.  O Painel ainda sobrevivê e foi cenário da reportagem sobre o Guilherme Arantes na revista Trip e da reportagem sobre a reforma do edifício da FAUUSP na revista Arquitetura e Construção.



Giant concrete poetry

In the Second Semester of 2011, it happened a huge students organization, some Course declared strike to negotiate their demands of changes with the Rector.


A group of students invaded the Rectory to demonstrate the political force of the movement. To vacate the rectory the government sent 300 militar cops, helicopters and cavalry.


It was a very violent action and around of 100 students were arrested. Due that more than 5000 students began to participate in political meetings and demonstrations on the street.
Some of the members of the MOVA joined directly in this Movementation: one was arrested,  others organized meetings and other was official member on the main commission of the strike.

The Midia made a very bad image of the students and the most of the population agreed with the violent re-action of the Government. It was clear the domination of the Midia and the Government to harm the Organization.

It is very important to understand that a public university needs to produce knowledge able to change the reality (status quo) and for that students must to have a critical look of the things. In this context if the university doesn't question anything, it doesn't improve condition of life. The first step is being unconfortable with the reality.

The MOVA collective made a giant concrete poetry to be seen from Helicopter view with the words: PENSE (THINK), MENTE (MIND), GENTE (PEOPLE), SENTE (FEEL), LIVRE (FREE). The intention was through the poetry and the power of the words bring a questioning feeling for the people.